Prime Vending Machine Locations in 2023: A New Vendor’s Guide

How to Find Prime Vending Machine Locations in 2023

Navigating the vending machine industry requires a blend of strategy and adaptability. As 2023 unfolds, it’s essential to pinpoint locations that promise high returns. Here’s a detailed guide to help you make an informed decision and craft a compelling pitch.

Top 5 New Vendor-Friendly Locations to Target in 2023

  1. Apartment Complexes: Especially those with 200+ units, ensuring a foot traffic of at least 400-500 people daily.
  2. Blue-Collar Workplaces: Factories, warehouses, and construction sites. These workers often seek quick energy replenishments.
  3. Gyms and Fitness Centers: Local gyms with a membership of 500+ members ensure regular foot traffic.
  4. Automobile Repair Centers: Centers that service 20+ cars daily guarantee a steady stream of waiting customers.
  5. Small Hotels and Motels: Target those with 50+ rooms, ensuring a rotating clientele.

What to Look for in a Location

  • Foot Traffic: Aim for locations with a daily foot traffic of 300+ people.
  • Visibility: The machine should be in a spot where at least 70% of the foot traffic can easily spot it.
  • Safety: Opt for locations with CCTV cameras or security personnel.
  • Accessibility: Ensure it’s in a spot where it’s accessible 24/7.

Who to Contact

  • Property Managers: For apartment complexes and blue-collar workplaces.
  • Business Owners: For gyms, repair centers, and hotels.
  • Tenant Associations: In residential complexes.

What to Say: Crafting Your Pitch

Introduction: “Hello, my name is [Your Name] from [Your Vending Business Name]. We specialize in providing high-quality vending services tailored to locations like yours.”

Address Commission Concerns: “Many vendors propose a commission-based model. However, we prioritize offering the best prices to the end consumer. By avoiding commissions, we can keep our product prices competitive. Instead of taking a commission, we’re providing a valuable service by ensuring everyone has access to affordable snacks and drinks.”

Overcoming Objections

Objection: “We already have a vending machine provider.” Response: “I understand. However, our machines come with the latest technology, ensuring seamless transactions and minimal downtime. Plus, we offer a diverse product range, including healthier options.”

Objection: “We’re not sure about the profitability or benefit to us.” Response: “Our machines are consistently well-stocked and reliable. The convenience of having snacks and drinks so close is a significant benefit to your stakeholders. Plus, a machine that always works means no frustrated customers and a seamless experience.”

With this guide, you’re equipped to confidently navigate the 2023 vending machine landscape. Remember, specificity is key, and understanding your target location’s unique needs will set you apart. Happy vending!

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